Controlling Sex Dreams During Pregnancy

sex dreams during pregnancy

So shock! Horror! The body goes through some weird changes during pregnancy.

It’s not like you have to be pregnant to have a sex dream. In fact we spend a lot of time teaching people how to control their dreams whenever they want.

How to have any kind of sex in a mental world where there are no restrictions.

… you can see how we do that here.

Anyone can do this. Men. Women. Pregnant or not. Heck I do remember an old student who dreamt about being a pregnant women.

While it takes practice to be able to control your dreams and do this kind of thing on command pregnant women have it a lot easier. Changes in body chemistry means you have this element of… let’s say randomness that leave you with an element of control but still present you with a lot of situations you might not of thought of otherwise.

If you’re pregnant you’re probably already having sex dreams.

We teach people how to do it outside of that mostly but you can absolutely use this same techniques to bring a little more control or balance to your dreams.

Whether you want to keep using the techniques after pregnancy or you just want to get a little more control while they’re happening anyway.

Learning to control your wet dreams and have them when you want is a lot of fun.


People used to believe only guys had wet dreams.

Since then a lot of studies have been done on female nocturnal emissions. Not only do they happen but studies have shown women enjoy them more and tend to have them more often.

With pregnancy thrown in the mix all bets are off though.

pregnant dreams


Women will obviously experience many side affects when pregnant. One side affect that might not come to mind is strange lucid dreams. It’s certainly not the first thing which comes to most peoples minds but you might be surprised how often it winds up in there. Many pregnant women will find some of these dreams to be highly erotic.

Sex dreams during pregnancy is actually very common. Many pregnant women are ashamed to admit that they have these kinds of dreams for obvious reasons. But, it’s perfectly natural. These dreams vary greatly but nature. Many women have said that the dreams were very promiscuous in nature. Most dreams are more wild and crazy during pregnancy. So, the erotic dreams that a woman might experience Will often be hardcore so to speak. Women who talk about these dreams say that they find themselves doing things that they would never do in real life.

They also say that They do them with people that they would never have imagined doing them with. Many say that They had a “lesbian experience” during the dream despite the fact that they are not attracted to women. It’s also very common to have dreams about an old lover. Experts say that this is not a desire from the wife to be unfaithful. But rather, it’s her brain’s way of saying a final goodbye to that old flame before taking on her new role as a mother and wife.

Women obviously don’t mean to have these sex dreams during pregnancy. We all dream. We have too in order to survive. We just simply don’t recall most of our dreams. These sex dreams happen with everyone but, women have them more frequently and more vividly when they are pregnant. The dreams happen in a more lucid state so she’s able to remember them better. But, there are many different levels of a lucid state. One of the hardest levels to reach is the ability to stop the dream. You may know that you’re in a dream and what you’re doing in it ,but you may not be able to stop it. It usually takes a while before these dreams start. These kinds of dreams may not start until about 23 weeks into the pregnancy. They occur a few times a month or a few times a week. It’s different for every woman.

Also, In General the further along she is the more vivid They will become. These dreams can be so vivid that it’s very possible to actually feel pleasure from them. The dream might feel so stimulating that vaginal secretions can start. Some women even say that they found themselves masturbating when they woke up. So, why do women have these sex dreams during pregnancy? And how are They so vivid? Well, one obvious reason is increased estrogen levels. Estrogen Will start flowing more throughout the body which will increase blood flow to the vagina and breasts. Estrogen levels rise sharply during pregnancy and can cause women to have an increased sex drive. The dreams are also easy to remember because they are lucid. Knowing that you’re in a dream and the fact that you can interact with people in it makes it easier to remember.

The best time to recall a dream is right when You wake up from it. Women will have frequent bladder urges, cramps, and tingling arms or legs at night and will be getting up often. The more often they get up the more often they will catch themselves after a dream. And of course the stress of pregnancy alone will cause unusual dreams. She will be excited and yet worried. She will definitely find herself dreaming about her beautiful baby and the new life that’s waiting for her. Sex is likely the last thing on her mind. But, having sex dreams during pregnancy may be her brain’s way of coping with the stress and anxiety of the pregnancy. These dreams will be strange. And the fact that they are so vivid can make them scary at times. Women might also feel guilty about it. But, it’s important to remember that these dreams are normal. It’s just a part of many pregnancies. One good way of coping with sex dreams during pregnancy is to make a dream journal. Write down your dreams in your journal especially the ones that might trouble you. It can be very therapeutic to take your dreams out of your mind and put them on paper.

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