Can You Control Sex Dreams about Platonic Friends?

sex dreams about platonic friends


I remember the first time I had a sex dream about a platonic friend.


This is back when I was just starting to learn to control my dreams. I had about enough control of them to be controlling the theme but not always the subject.

So I could decide to fly. Or I could decide to have sex.

But to begin with I didn’t have full control of where I was flying or who I was having sex with.


Next thing I knew I was having the craziest sex with someone I worked with.

It seemed a little strange at first. I’d never thought of them that way before.

But yet here I was.


It wasn’t intentional to begin with. At least not consciously intentional.

Although I have to admit otherwise platonic friends make guest appearances in my dreams fairly often these days. The only difference is now I get to decide who.

You can have a sex dream about a former partner or a crush but honestly? Some of the best are about someone who you maybe only know as an acquaintance at best.


… You can learn to induce a wet dream and control it here. 


I remember when I first started reading about lucid dream characters. The more you learn to control your dreams the more defined they can be.

People you know well tend to reflect that actual person in your dreams.

But sometimes certain characteristics in a dream character stems from your subconscious.

A platonic friend might not act like they normally would (depending on how well you know them).


I was amazed at the idea of this being. Of actual intelligence (albeit steaming from my own subconscious) that would act as it wanted. But freed from the constraints of reality.

If I wanted to slap them in the face with cream pie I could.

If I wanted to race them in some souped up formula one car I could.

If I wanted to have sex with them and their sister… well I could.


That’s why we put this training together for controlling wet dreams.


fantasize about platonic friends


Our bodies go through different experiences through which behaviours of a particular kind develop. Research shows that all dreams including sex dreams may be just connected to things going on in our lives. Sex dreams about platonic friends are becoming more predominant in the modern world, and that does not necessarily mean that one has a raging sex drive, or you are weird. Recent research showed that most Americans have Sex dreams about platonic friends quite often and that 8% of nightmare reveries comprise some element of sexual activity.

The number one reason why people get motivated in learning to control their dreams is the lucid type of dream sex. Lucid dream sex is the act of having a sexual activity in a controlled type of dream. The power of the dreamer to navigate the dream scene combined with the state of lucid dreams is what propels many people towards the fantasy, especially to beginners or people who would like to experiment this method of dreaming.The process enables the dreamer to get intimate to a long time crush, Ex-lover, a celebrity without going through the laborious process in a real situation.

If you happen to confront and ask an average lucid dreamer what they like doing best during lucid dreaming, you will get answers such as flying and sex. Heck sometimes both at the same time. Some of the advantages of having a lucid sex dream is that Lucid dreaming is just but a versatile state where the dreamer can comfortably explore sexual bliss in any manner.

The sexual exploration in lucid dreams may be a means that leads to healing for some people. Deeply inhibited people can experiment with lucid sex dreams much quickly than in waking life. The process of learning to express our sexuality freely in the dream may carry over into the waking life confidence and ease in the bedroom.

For you to enjoy sex in this type of a dream, several things should be met. They include at least basic a level of controlling your dreams (as soon as you get the basics down it’s easy to guide from there). And then dream recall. This means you can actually remember your dream after waking up but it also helps to better control them.

Failure to remember your dreams suggest that you may not remember the unique sexual experience in the first place. To get a good start, you should ensure that you can control the thoughts and be able to remember them every morning. The following steps will make sure that you experience an excellent sexual dream experience.
Choose a dream character you want to have sex early on if possible. As you become more advanced you’re able to control this better but to begin with having a face in mind certainly helps. To “make the move” once you’re controlling your dream ensure that you are stable in your dream and you have already done the reality checks. Now you can proceed to the dream character and start touching and having sex with them. If you rush this stage too quickly you’re more likely to wake yourself up and lose the chance.

Perhaps one of the key things you should note is that your expectation in this nature of a dream is what will happen. If you have thought that you will be rejected sexually, that’s what will happen. You, therefore, need to see yourself doing things you want to do even before you start

Sex dreams about Platonic friends are also possible, and it only means that you have a reflection of the level of closeness you experience with that particular friend. It can also suggest that the friend has a trait you would want to make part of you. Or it might mean nothing and it’s just a healthy expression of humanity. I’ll leave that up to you to decide because really? There’s no decent studies done. It’d be pretty hard to quantify if you tried. Not least of all because most people would just lie about their experiences with sex dreams.

Can you imagine asking someone about having sex dreams with platonic friends? Yeah you’re totally getting an answer there.

Dream Sex with Your Co-worker or Boss

Some relationship experts believe that sex dreams with a boss are the most common type of sex dream. The sex dreams about the boss have something to do with your leadership skills and not just the desire to fondle him or her. The same approach applies to sex dreams about co-workers who are not even friends.

Dream Sex Dream with Your Secret Crush

Sex dreams with a secret Crush occur mainly because he/she has a personality you wish you had. Apart from the qualities, it is apparent that the person you are infatuated with will star in your sex dreams.

Dream Sex with Your Ex

You may think that you were finally over him but suddenly see him in your dreams. Researchers say that people who dream about their Ex- Lover are unknowingly repeating undesirable habits from their failed relationship. This type of a sex dream is dangerous and can lead to a sequence of nightmares.

Some Sex dreams about platonic friends can be a wishful fulfilment that a person may not score with the character in real life situation. Sexual dreams may also reflect your fears and desires.

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