Nocturnal Emissions in Adults is it Normal?

The number of times I’ve had a message through the site asking if it’s normal to have a nocturnal emission or wet dream as an adult is… well it’s surprising to say the least.

The standard email looks like:

Email #1: I’m 32 and I’ve just had a wet dream last night… is this normal?
My reply: Yes it’s perfectly normal. It can happen any time after puberty and might well happen again. Nothing to worry about.

Email #2: But my wife was sleeping right next to me it’s not like I don’t have sex!
My reply: Studies have shown people can have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) regardless of sexual activity. There’s a good chance your wife has had some sleeping next to you at some point whether she’s remembered it or not.

Email #3: But… but.. I’m really worried about the nocturnal emission causes…

Nocturnal Emissions in Adults

At this point I tend to stop reading.

As you get older your life gets busier and you tend to get worse at remembering your dreams. It’s a workable talent like learning to remember your house keys in the morning (I tend to be better at the former). This builds up the idea in many people’s minds that only younger people going through puberty are going to have a wet dream.

In fact it’s not true at all.

In fact this site is dedicated to training people how to have a wet dream (or nocturnal emission) by choice for people who want to control their dreams and have sex in them.

Studies have been done and the results are in folks. Nocturnal emissions are normal. It’s natural, it’s human and it can happen at any age to either gender. It is less likely you’ll remember your dreams or have as much control as you did when you were younger. But they’re still likely to happen even if you didn’t mean for it.

So yes. If you’re 20. 25. 35. In your mid 50’s. It doesn’t really matter. It’s normal, it’s human and if you enjoyed the experience you should consider learning to do it intentionally.

Any age can have them accidentally but you can learn how to have nocturnal emissions as an adult by learning to control your dreams. It’s a skill like any other but with a little practice you can control the situation and frequency of nocturnal emissions for yourself.

I can teach you how to induce wet dreams which means you can control the dream and do it whenever you’d like. Some of our students aim for a wet dream every night while others just want to be able to control the situation more when it does happen.

Not only is having a nocturnal emission (or wet dream… whatever you want to call it) as an adult normal but it’s going to happen regardless. If you want to learn to control them then you can be assured it’ll happen again. If you don’t – well then chances are it will at some point and you might remember it or you might not.

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