Wet Dreams for Females

One of the more common misconceptions is that only guys have wet dreams. I won’t get into why – it’ll become a whole rant on society (the Internet has enough of those) but it’s led to a lot of emails from girls either asking if it was w...

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How to Stop Having Wet Dreams

Before we go over how to stop having wet dreams I’d like to mention a few things. We get a lot of people visiting to learn the exact opposite. Many people. Most of our users. Want to learn to turn their dreams into wet dreams and some of us can do this w...

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Have Wet Dreams Every Night

It’s one thing to have a wet dream randomly when you have little to no control over it. It’s another to do it whenever you please. Lucid dreaming has been covered all over the place including CBS News, ABC News, BBC News and… Well you get the ide...

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