Wet Dreams for Females

One of the more common misconceptions is that only guys have wet dreams. I won’t get into why – it’ll become a whole rant on society (the Internet has enough of those) but it’s led to a lot of emails from girls either asking if it was weird they had a wet dream or if it’d be possible for them to learn.

My answer is invariably the same.

Yes. It’s normal for a girl to have a wet dream. In fact our free training membership has plenty of girls. Ready for a shocker society? Girls like sex. Go figure.

wet dreams for females

Yes. You can learn how to have a wet dream as well in exactly the same way.

Every time I start talking about studies or stats people roll heir eyes and stop reading. But stats and studies are pretty clear. Women have wet dreams and climax in their sleep the same way guys do.

The learning process is exactly the same although the stats do also suggest women have an easier time learning how to lucid dream in the first place as well.

So if you email in and I redirect you to this page please don’t feel like I didn’t read your message or I sent you some kind of automated response. My normal emails go something like:

Email: Do girls have wet dreams?
Me: Yes. Perfectly normal. In either gender.
Email #2: Are you sure? My friends say it’s weird.
Me: The statistics say your friends are likely lying. It’s perfectly normal.
Email #3: I thought it was just a guy thing?
Me: There’s no logic or reasoning behind this.

Then occasionally it goes…

Email #4: Is there any way I can make it happen?
Me: That’s exactly what we teach here just check out the homepage.

So if I forward you a link to this page it’s not because I didn’t read your email. It’s because I’ve read it too many times and it’s easier just to answer the same question once here.

How to Stop Having Wet Dreams

Before we go over how to stop having wet dreams I’d like to mention a few things.

We get a lot of people visiting to learn the exact opposite. Many people. Most of our users. Want to learn to turn their dreams into wet dreams and some of us can do this without the work and effort the rest have to go to.

A wet dream as natural. Studies and figures back this up. Both genders have them. Any age has them. They’re perfectly normal and can be a lot of fun.

But if you’re 100% certain tat you want to stop having wet dreams I do at least suggest you look into using your lucid dreams for something else.

If you’re having sex or wet dreams easily then you could very easily learn to use these dreams for something else if you wanted. Studying or improving a skill. Or even just having a bit of fun.

I won’t tell you how to live your life but I’m just saying. You might have a natural talent which you could take advantage of.

You could click here to see how people learn to control their wet dreams…

Rather than getting rid of them you can learn to control them more.

But if you’re 100% sure you want to stop them then there’s a few things you can do to help.

Spicy foods or stimuli such as caffeine close to sleep should be avoided.

Exercise and relaxation is a good way to go. A cluttered, stressed mind is more likely to lucid dream without you meaning it. Meditation seems to be commonly advised although training your mind to relax can also make your dreams more vivid.

The whole idea of avoiding sex is a little crazy. A healthy sex life (or masturbation) will relieve stress and tenderness making a wet dream less likely.

At the end of the day there’s nothing you can completely do to stop it. A long, long time ago physicians (who didn’t know better) thought it was an affliction and treated it with chemical castration. They’ve since been considered morons and the stupid term they gave it (which I can’t recall at the moment) has since been classified as a fake disease.

A wet dream is completely natural and while some of the suggestions above might help there’s nothing you can really do to completely stop having wet dreams (despite what some of the daft advice out there says).

Have Wet Dreams Every Night

It’s one thing to have a wet dream randomly when you have little to no control over it.

It’s another to do it whenever you please.

Lucid dreaming has been covered all over the place including CBS News, ABC News, BBC News and… Well you get the idea. Sure they don’t expressly talk about having sex in dreams but let’s face it if you first think control your dreams what do you really think?

So how do you actually get started?

(We actually have a free training course and software you might want to check out here if you want step by step instructions on how to start having them tonight).

have wet dreams every night

Forget any of this “think about sex before going to sleep” rubbish.

To actually control it you need to understand at least the basics of lucid dreaming. Our goal here isn’t to completely starve the body of sex until it needs to find an outlet (in the form of a wet dream in this case). It’s to get to that stage when you’re able to control a dream to the point where you can make it about sex whenever you want.

There’s a lot of different ways to lucid dream. Some people spend years of their lives meditating and change their lives around for it. I know I certainly thought it seemed a little far fetched when I first looked at it.

But the trick is just practice and understanding. Like any skill really. That’s what I teach here and honestly it’s probably one of the best hobbies you can learn.

I’ve spent a while studying wet dreams and lucid dreaming. Some do it for some form of spirituality connecting with inner selves. Others do it for fun or curiosity.

Personally I don’t think it’s a huge life choice or way of life as some people treat it. I think it’s an awesome hobby which everyone should learn and I spend a lot of time helping to teach people.

Whatever the reason the learning process is generally the same. At first you begin to realise you’re in a dream. Then you start to make changes to it.

Everyone learns at a different rate but pretty quickly you’re able to control more and more and things will become more vivid.

The last (and maybe most important part for a wet dream) is learning to not wake up when things get more exciting. Early on you might find the most annoying thing is getting yourself into a sexual situation in a dream but jerking awake too soon.

Don’t worry with practice your mind becomes used to it and you won’t wake up as easily. Sooner than you think you’re able to have a wet dream every night.