Can Girls Have Wet Dreams?

do girls have wet dreams

This question is way too common.

“Can girls have wet dreams?”

At some point someone decided it was only supposed to be young guys who had wet dreams and that became “it”. If a girl had a wet dream or an adult even then it was something they were supposed to be ashamed of and deny it ever happened.

Since then studies have shown that not only do girls have wet dreams but they enjoy them a lot more than guys.

They’re also generally able to control them a lot better too.

That’s actually what we teach. Our course covers how to have a wet dream whenever you want.

That means completely controlling your dream. Making it about whatever you want.


A lot of our female students tend to find they had wet dreams before without much control of them. They’d meet fictitious people or sometimes people they knew in a dream and next thing they knew they were having sex. The lucky few realise they were dreaming and are able to gain at least some kind of control over them.

Those who take it a step further learn how to do this at will. Learning to control your dreams and make them lucid gives you control to do pretty much whatever you want with them.

Which generally means having sex with whoever you want, however you want however many times.

It’s an interesting experience to be able to have any kind of sex you want in a reality so far removed from the real one. It really is “do what you want”.

I can’t really say I’m surprised that more and more girls have started taking up the course when science shows they enjoy wet dreams even more than guys.

You can learn to control your dreams yourself by clicking here.

do girls wet dream

For a long time in the history of humans, female nocturnal emissions remained a mystery. Thanks to unending research and clinical studies that finally illustrates that women, just like men, have wet dreams. Experts believe the structure of the female body made these facts hard to prove. Women’s organs are located inside their bodies. They enjoy real sex more than men do. However, in wet dreams, they cannot see and relate to what is happening to their genitals the way men do. They encounter pleasure and enjoyment. But lack sure prove to explain it. Many girls remain silent and avoid sharing these details with their peers.

Understanding, accepting and enjoying sex dreams will lead to a healthier understanding of your body and can be a lot of fun in the process.

Can girls have wet dreams? Yes, we have evidence to illustrate this. Accordion to Dr. Ellen Laan, women and men experience sexual arousal differently. While men can experience more than 5 erections in one night sleep, girls go through vaginal reactions too. This happens during different sleep patterns. Dr. Ellen states that it is a similar arousal pattern just like in men. Girls in their puberty stage start to become sensitive of their sexual organs. They are undergoing a biological change that defines their adolescence years. During this time, they start to relate to their sexual needs in many different ways. They are familiar with sexual intercourse as an act. They may not have engaged in premarital sex, but their bodies start to adapt to some sexual urges. Research shows that some girls are woken in the night by passionate pleasure. Some girls go through intense orgasms. In girl’s wet dreams, there may be no proven evidence of ejaculation. But there remains sure proven evidence of vaginal lubrication and wetness.

Girls who have had wet dreams explain that it happens during their ovulation period. Recent studies show that sexual activity in girl’s peak during their fertile date. During ovulation, chances of becoming pregnant are also high. This can explain why the body biologically prepares for sexual activity. Girls can master lucid dreams and use them to enjoy intense sexual pleasure without fear of getting pregnant. Lucid dreams are healthier. They offer dreamers wonderful enjoyments that help them stay connected to their sexual life. It is a natural process that can easily be learned and practised. Take enough time to connect with your waking life. Choose the best fantasies that you want to experience in your wet dreams. Girl’s wet dreams can be induced through lucid dreams. Here, they will have the control of their dream and choose what they prefer as healthy sex dream.

There is no enough literature that can support women’s wet dreams, but we believe that the mystery is now unearthed. The few literature review shows that some women have experienced male-like dreams. This is where they were making passionate love with their boyfriends or spouse. In connection to this, some have even had lucid dreams with their ex-boyfriends. Can you control your lucid dreams? Yes, our research shows that the human brain can be controlled even as the body is dead asleep. Proven research shows that the brain takes control of the unconscious self once you fall asleep. In lucid dream training, girls and women are introduced to basic principles. There are important steps that allow them to enjoy wonderful moments of wet dreams.

It is a healthier habit that eases pain from the body. It helps women relive their bodies from stress and depressions of real life. It is an act of absolute pleasure that carries better sexual activities. There is no fear of getting S.T.I’s or being pregnant. It also does not affect your spiritual life and ideological beliefs. The number of women who experience wet dreams is lower than that of men. Science explains that women biology is different from that of men. Men think of sexual encounters more often than women. Men are driven by images and they can play them ingeniously at the back of their brains. In women, it requires more than just sexual images. But the good news is girls can learn to control these dreams a lot easier than guys can.

What Happens During a Wet Dream?

what happens during a wet dream

When I first started the wait dream training course I used to get the same question over and over.

“What happens during a wet dream?”

It always made me laugh.

The whole point in learning how to control your dreams is so that you are the one who decides what goes on.

Sometimes you’ll have one without meaning to. You might not have a lot (or any) control of it. Usually that’s how people wind up finding us. They want to find out what the hell just happened.

And they usually want to know how to have it happen again.


You have two options there.

You can cross your fingers and hope it happens again. Hopefully you’ll get a bit more control of it this time.


Or you can learn how to take control of your dreams (it’s called a lucid dream) and you can decide for yourself what happens during your wet dream. You can control almost every detail. The who. The what. The where. Everything.

Click here to learn how to have a wet dream whenever you want.


When you have no control over your dreams it’s unlikely you’ll ever see a recurring pattern very often. You may have those mornings where you fall in and out of the same dream but it likely gets a little weirder the longer you do it as your brain starts to wake up a little.

If you have a sex dream you’ll probably find yourself with very little control to begin with. It might be someone you know or just a face you saw on a billboard somewhere. We were talking about sex dreams about platonic friends recently in a training group and usually the first time it happens it’s not intentional.

But as you learn to control your wet dreams more and more you start to get a lot more control.

You can make all of your dreams about the same person (or persons). You can make it different every night. It’s entirely up to you. Nobody can really tell you what happens during a wet dream because you can control it yourself and everyone will do that differently.

There’s also always the element of subconscious control where people or items will vary depending on your subconscious thoughts.

Heck it’s hard to even tell people what happens during your most recent dreams. At least to begin with. The better you get at dream recall the more you’ll be able to remember.


It’s a little hard to explain just how freeing lucid dreaming is. If you haven’t experienced it yourself before well…

Just click here and give it a go for yourself.


wet dreams

Scientists have discovered that the human brain remains moderately awake during sleep hours. Though it is inactive, there are orchestrated events that take place in the brain as we sleep. A flurry of recent research shows that the brain can be used to expurgate sexual dreams. Those who have mastered this art enjoy a better sexual life. They control their sexual emotions. They can control their physical sexual urge as well. Many teens and adults fairly understand what happens during a wet dream. Some teens even avoid sleeping to counter it. They think it affects their health. Wet dreaming is normal for boys during their puberty years. It reduces as they mature. Women and girls experience wet dreams too. Using lucid dreams for sex has been found as the number one secret for many sexual active couples. It offers them reasons to explore their fantasies and learn more about life. This article seeks to inform, educate and entertain readers about what happens during a wet dream, the benefits of embracing sex dreams and, how to stay in control of their passionate dreams.

To understand what happens during a wet dream, we need to understand what it is all about. A wet dream is an ejaculation activity that happens as you sleep. Semen is released from the penis. This is a fluid that carries sperms. A Wet dream is said to happen if you dream of having sex. Sometimes, people can confuse this with masturbation. In a wet dream, the semen comes out without touching your sexual organ. It is not induced as the case with masturbation where you have to rub your penis.

Women experience vaginal wetness. At least 40% of women have wet dreams in their life. During a wet dream, an individual will experience intense sexual pleasure. They dream that they are making love with someone who they admire. Most wet dreams carry your sexual desires and fantasies. In lucid dreams, you can experience orgasm through wet dreams.

Explicit sex acts happen in wet dreams. Many boys experience involuntary moments where they take part in weird sexual activities with the opposite sex. Some have explained that they experienced orgies. Some people state that it comes as an uncouth sexual experience. If you are open to your sexual needs and desires, you will realize that sex dreams can be managed. You can master the art and introduce it in your brain as your body rests. According to Milan Colic an Australian psychologist, principles from narrative therapy can be used to induce lucid dreams. They reduce depression, nightmares, and self-mutilation.

Colic believes that wet dreams come as a natural therapeutic conversation. It reduces pressure in waking life and solves relationship issues. It is a perfect therapeutic approach that promotes good health. It promotes a positive focus on all other spheres of life.

Sex dreams carry symbolic meanings. But they are healthier and do not harm your relationships. That is why we promote lucid training. In this type of dream, you are in control of the recurrent events. You induce the images in your dream; though you are asleep. Everyone can learn how to consciously motivate their brain to these intense images of gratification. Before anything, you need to prepare yourself for this dream of a lifetime. Your wet dream should be vivid clear the moment you wake up. You need to enjoy the whole encounter. This act happens in a more illustrative way if only you can control your brain. Just like in real life sexual activity, you will experience a deep connection that engages the 5 senses. For instance, if you dream that you are having sex with your partner, you will most likely talk to them, touch, kiss, have foreplay and, later have a good moment of deep sexual encounter.

If you want to improve your sex life, it’s time to learn how to use lucid dream for sex. You should never avoid a wet dream while you can turn events and make your brain active as you enjoy the act. To get more lucid encounters, scientists recommend people to adjust their sleep patterns. A lucid dream can be induced by anyone regardless of their education background, race, and geographical location. It is easy to learn. It offers you total life enjoyment. It can be stimulated in the brain to avoid cheating on your partner.

Controlling Sex Dreams During Pregnancy

sex dreams during pregnancy

So shock! Horror! The body goes through some weird changes during pregnancy.

It’s not like you have to be pregnant to have a sex dream. In fact we spend a lot of time teaching people how to control their dreams whenever they want.

How to have any kind of sex in a mental world where there are no restrictions.

… you can see how we do that here.

Anyone can do this. Men. Women. Pregnant or not. Heck I do remember an old student who dreamt about being a pregnant women.

While it takes practice to be able to control your dreams and do this kind of thing on command pregnant women have it a lot easier. Changes in body chemistry means you have this element of… let’s say randomness that leave you with an element of control but still present you with a lot of situations you might not of thought of otherwise.

If you’re pregnant you’re probably already having sex dreams.

We teach people how to do it outside of that mostly but you can absolutely use this same techniques to bring a little more control or balance to your dreams.

Whether you want to keep using the techniques after pregnancy or you just want to get a little more control while they’re happening anyway.

Learning to control your wet dreams and have them when you want is a lot of fun.


People used to believe only guys had wet dreams.

Since then a lot of studies have been done on female nocturnal emissions. Not only do they happen but studies have shown women enjoy them more and tend to have them more often.

With pregnancy thrown in the mix all bets are off though.

pregnant dreams


Women will obviously experience many side affects when pregnant. One side affect that might not come to mind is strange lucid dreams. It’s certainly not the first thing which comes to most peoples minds but you might be surprised how often it winds up in there. Many pregnant women will find some of these dreams to be highly erotic.

Sex dreams during pregnancy is actually very common. Many pregnant women are ashamed to admit that they have these kinds of dreams for obvious reasons. But, it’s perfectly natural. These dreams vary greatly but nature. Many women have said that the dreams were very promiscuous in nature. Most dreams are more wild and crazy during pregnancy. So, the erotic dreams that a woman might experience Will often be hardcore so to speak. Women who talk about these dreams say that they find themselves doing things that they would never do in real life.

They also say that They do them with people that they would never have imagined doing them with. Many say that They had a “lesbian experience” during the dream despite the fact that they are not attracted to women. It’s also very common to have dreams about an old lover. Experts say that this is not a desire from the wife to be unfaithful. But rather, it’s her brain’s way of saying a final goodbye to that old flame before taking on her new role as a mother and wife.

Women obviously don’t mean to have these sex dreams during pregnancy. We all dream. We have too in order to survive. We just simply don’t recall most of our dreams. These sex dreams happen with everyone but, women have them more frequently and more vividly when they are pregnant. The dreams happen in a more lucid state so she’s able to remember them better. But, there are many different levels of a lucid state. One of the hardest levels to reach is the ability to stop the dream. You may know that you’re in a dream and what you’re doing in it ,but you may not be able to stop it. It usually takes a while before these dreams start. These kinds of dreams may not start until about 23 weeks into the pregnancy. They occur a few times a month or a few times a week. It’s different for every woman.

Also, In General the further along she is the more vivid They will become. These dreams can be so vivid that it’s very possible to actually feel pleasure from them. The dream might feel so stimulating that vaginal secretions can start. Some women even say that they found themselves masturbating when they woke up. So, why do women have these sex dreams during pregnancy? And how are They so vivid? Well, one obvious reason is increased estrogen levels. Estrogen Will start flowing more throughout the body which will increase blood flow to the vagina and breasts. Estrogen levels rise sharply during pregnancy and can cause women to have an increased sex drive. The dreams are also easy to remember because they are lucid. Knowing that you’re in a dream and the fact that you can interact with people in it makes it easier to remember.

The best time to recall a dream is right when You wake up from it. Women will have frequent bladder urges, cramps, and tingling arms or legs at night and will be getting up often. The more often they get up the more often they will catch themselves after a dream. And of course the stress of pregnancy alone will cause unusual dreams. She will be excited and yet worried. She will definitely find herself dreaming about her beautiful baby and the new life that’s waiting for her. Sex is likely the last thing on her mind. But, having sex dreams during pregnancy may be her brain’s way of coping with the stress and anxiety of the pregnancy. These dreams will be strange. And the fact that they are so vivid can make them scary at times. Women might also feel guilty about it. But, it’s important to remember that these dreams are normal. It’s just a part of many pregnancies. One good way of coping with sex dreams during pregnancy is to make a dream journal. Write down your dreams in your journal especially the ones that might trouble you. It can be very therapeutic to take your dreams out of your mind and put them on paper.

Can You Control Sex Dreams about Platonic Friends?

sex dreams about platonic friends


I remember the first time I had a sex dream about a platonic friend.


This is back when I was just starting to learn to control my dreams. I had about enough control of them to be controlling the theme but not always the subject.

So I could decide to fly. Or I could decide to have sex.

But to begin with I didn’t have full control of where I was flying or who I was having sex with.


Next thing I knew I was having the craziest sex with someone I worked with.

It seemed a little strange at first. I’d never thought of them that way before.

But yet here I was.


It wasn’t intentional to begin with. At least not consciously intentional.

Although I have to admit otherwise platonic friends make guest appearances in my dreams fairly often these days. The only difference is now I get to decide who.

You can have a sex dream about a former partner or a crush but honestly? Some of the best are about someone who you maybe only know as an acquaintance at best.


… You can learn to induce a wet dream and control it here. 


I remember when I first started reading about lucid dream characters. The more you learn to control your dreams the more defined they can be.

People you know well tend to reflect that actual person in your dreams.

But sometimes certain characteristics in a dream character stems from your subconscious.

A platonic friend might not act like they normally would (depending on how well you know them).


I was amazed at the idea of this being. Of actual intelligence (albeit steaming from my own subconscious) that would act as it wanted. But freed from the constraints of reality.

If I wanted to slap them in the face with cream pie I could.

If I wanted to race them in some souped up formula one car I could.

If I wanted to have sex with them and their sister… well I could.


That’s why we put this training together for controlling wet dreams.


fantasize about platonic friends


Our bodies go through different experiences through which behaviours of a particular kind develop. Research shows that all dreams including sex dreams may be just connected to things going on in our lives. Sex dreams about platonic friends are becoming more predominant in the modern world, and that does not necessarily mean that one has a raging sex drive, or you are weird. Recent research showed that most Americans have Sex dreams about platonic friends quite often and that 8% of nightmare reveries comprise some element of sexual activity.

The number one reason why people get motivated in learning to control their dreams is the lucid type of dream sex. Lucid dream sex is the act of having a sexual activity in a controlled type of dream. The power of the dreamer to navigate the dream scene combined with the state of lucid dreams is what propels many people towards the fantasy, especially to beginners or people who would like to experiment this method of dreaming.The process enables the dreamer to get intimate to a long time crush, Ex-lover, a celebrity without going through the laborious process in a real situation.

If you happen to confront and ask an average lucid dreamer what they like doing best during lucid dreaming, you will get answers such as flying and sex. Heck sometimes both at the same time. Some of the advantages of having a lucid sex dream is that Lucid dreaming is just but a versatile state where the dreamer can comfortably explore sexual bliss in any manner.

The sexual exploration in lucid dreams may be a means that leads to healing for some people. Deeply inhibited people can experiment with lucid sex dreams much quickly than in waking life. The process of learning to express our sexuality freely in the dream may carry over into the waking life confidence and ease in the bedroom.

For you to enjoy sex in this type of a dream, several things should be met. They include at least basic a level of controlling your dreams (as soon as you get the basics down it’s easy to guide from there). And then dream recall. This means you can actually remember your dream after waking up but it also helps to better control them.

Failure to remember your dreams suggest that you may not remember the unique sexual experience in the first place. To get a good start, you should ensure that you can control the thoughts and be able to remember them every morning. The following steps will make sure that you experience an excellent sexual dream experience.
Choose a dream character you want to have sex early on if possible. As you become more advanced you’re able to control this better but to begin with having a face in mind certainly helps. To “make the move” once you’re controlling your dream ensure that you are stable in your dream and you have already done the reality checks. Now you can proceed to the dream character and start touching and having sex with them. If you rush this stage too quickly you’re more likely to wake yourself up and lose the chance.

Perhaps one of the key things you should note is that your expectation in this nature of a dream is what will happen. If you have thought that you will be rejected sexually, that’s what will happen. You, therefore, need to see yourself doing things you want to do even before you start

Sex dreams about Platonic friends are also possible, and it only means that you have a reflection of the level of closeness you experience with that particular friend. It can also suggest that the friend has a trait you would want to make part of you. Or it might mean nothing and it’s just a healthy expression of humanity. I’ll leave that up to you to decide because really? There’s no decent studies done. It’d be pretty hard to quantify if you tried. Not least of all because most people would just lie about their experiences with sex dreams.

Can you imagine asking someone about having sex dreams with platonic friends? Yeah you’re totally getting an answer there.

Dream Sex with Your Co-worker or Boss

Some relationship experts believe that sex dreams with a boss are the most common type of sex dream. The sex dreams about the boss have something to do with your leadership skills and not just the desire to fondle him or her. The same approach applies to sex dreams about co-workers who are not even friends.

Dream Sex Dream with Your Secret Crush

Sex dreams with a secret Crush occur mainly because he/she has a personality you wish you had. Apart from the qualities, it is apparent that the person you are infatuated with will star in your sex dreams.

Dream Sex with Your Ex

You may think that you were finally over him but suddenly see him in your dreams. Researchers say that people who dream about their Ex- Lover are unknowingly repeating undesirable habits from their failed relationship. This type of a sex dream is dangerous and can lead to a sequence of nightmares.

Some Sex dreams about platonic friends can be a wishful fulfilment that a person may not score with the character in real life situation. Sexual dreams may also reflect your fears and desires.

Everything You Need to Know About Female Nocturnal Emission

Female Nocturnal Emission

You know – in the scheme of things it wasn’t too long ago I’d be stoned or burned for daring to suggest that women might actually enjoy sex.

I mean who would dare suggest such a thing.

And for a girl to actually have a sex dream and enjoy nocturnal emission?

Madness. Craziness.


Thankfully all that nonsense is behind us now.

We’ve evolved as a culture and women can tell us to go and screw ourselves (because they’re too busy getting laid in their dreams).


It’s a safe bet you know what nocturnal emission is. Another word for a wet dream. Having a sex dream so intense that you… well you sometimes wake up wet.

It used to be we’d go around telling the world that only young boys get them. If an adult had them they were told to think it was wrong and to hide it quick.

If a woman had one she was burned at the stake. Well maybe not but that’s apparently how we all thought.


I remember watching an interview where someone was asking women if they’ve ever had a wet dream or nocturnal emission.

They all denied it.

Because they thought they were supposed to.


Then, after they were told it was normal and most females have them, they all admitted to having them. I mean statistically most of us will have one at least once. Usually more.


Imagine having any kind of sex you want. In a world where there are no limits. No judgement. A world you can change as you want.

… This is why we teach how to have wet dreams whenever you want.

nocturnal emission in adults

Sometimes you might have nocturnal emissions without noticing it.

It’s actually more common you might sleep through it when you’re a women. Studies have shown you’re more likely to have a lucid sex dreams but it might not be as apparent the next morning for obvious reasons. If you think you’ve honestly never had one chances are you just can’t remember.

So that’s what we teach.

How to control your dreams, whenever you want. And how to improve your dream recall.

To give you experiences you’d never have otherwise let’s be honest.

You can click here to take a look for yourself.


If you’d rather go back to the stone age and deny the whole thing that’s fine too. We’re not buying it when you tell us women don’t have sex dreams any more though.

Trust me I can see the numbers. More people are catching on.

And more people are learning to do it whenever they want.

Many people like to explore their sexuality through their dreams but somehow people seem to think females are exempt from wet dreams and nocturnal emissions. In today’s society, lucid erotic dreaming is included among the hottest trends. And while outdated practices teaches us it’s only men who can use it for sexual reasons – in reality nothing is further from the truth.

We’ve talked about the studies done before on sex dreams and nocturnal emissions. There have specifically been studies on female sex dreams and women of all ages have them. Some will have them more often and at different ages.

There’s a number of contributing factors from sexual activity and experience to current age. Regardless you could have had one last night and it wouldn’t be abnormal and you can also train yourself to have them whenever you want.

One of the main methods of promoting lucid dreaming is binaural beats. A type of music made to work with your brain at a certain frequency. And women are even shown to be more effected by this. So you lay in your bed, close your eyes and start your binaural beat. Focus your mind’s eye on entering the dream of the one you wish to seduce. As a friend of theirs, you may have something of his/hers like an article of clothing that retains a scent or feel that could help you attune yourself. Relax and allow the binaural beat to take effect.

When you enter the correct frequency dream state, envision yourself travelling to the room where the girl or boy friend you wish to seduce sleeps. Then allow your dreaming consciousness to merge in. You’ll find it happens easily and naturally. Then put your best foot forward – BUT – you don’t have to find yourself constrained like you would be in real society. It is your dream after all and almost anything can and does happen in dreams.

It is most possible to learn to lucid dream if your sole intention is to experience a deep form of intimacy with the person whom you ultimately fantasize about. Sex may happen in your dreams, but it will feel so real. Whatever you feel while dreaming are as real as the feelings you have experienced in the real world. This is because all sensations you have felt while living in the real world will serve as memories you will draw from when you lucid dream.

Real Dream Orgasms.

Dreaming about sex can give you real orgasms too. In fact, it was even documented that dream orgasms are like real-like climaxes that happen with muscular responses, fast rate of heart beat and change in the vascular tissues. Studies have been done and both men and women of any age can have a nocturnal emission or wet dream.

Unsurprisingly studies have shown women experience stronger orgasms than men while sleeping as well.

Erotically Charged Dreams.

REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep is very much biological in nature. Many things happen and occur while a person is in REM sleep; including sensual bodily changes and reactions. Men may have erections while women may have engorgement of their private areas. Such are all normal during sleep and dreams. In lucid dreaming, you are consciously aware of the arousal your body experienced physiologically. The same reactions can also be experienced when you lucid dream about flying.

We do have the main training on having wet dreams and mastering nocturnal emissions on command but here’s a few things you can do to start yourself of with.

What You Can Do To Have Sex Dreams.

Fantasize. Before you go to sleep, you need to fantasize about the person you really like. You are most likely to have one or two fantasies that you are not able to realize or even share with other people. Such fantasies are ideal to be used when you want to dream of sex.

Watch An Adult Movie. Another way that can condition your mind for a sex charged dream is by watching an adult film before you sleep. If fantasizing seems a bit difficult, then you can always play some titillating films on your DVD player. Make sure you can clearly hear the moaning sounds made in the movie as these will serve as subliminal messages for triggering your mind to dream about intercourse.

Meditate. When you meditate, you need to ease your mind from any worries and anxieties. The mind should be focused only on having intercourse. Only fantasies should fill up your thoughts; such as your past intimate experiences and also the best bed experience you had.

If you’ve never tried meditating before this might be harder than you originally thought. That said, achieving nocturnal emission on demand and having maybe the best sex of your life could make it more than worthwhile.

Pleasure Yourself Prior To Sleep.

Right after you have watched an adult film, you feel probably in a hot mood to touch yourself. Opinions vary on this and while some suggest it will improve your chances of a sexual lucid dream a lot of experience suggests otherwise. I don’t think it really matters. If you’ve trained yourself properly then achieving female nocturnal emission is possible either way.

How to Make Yourself Have a Wet Dream

Lately so many of the guides I’ve had to write have been trying to reassure people of the facts and statistics behind wet dreams trying to convince people not to be insecure about them and that they’re perfectly normal.

But the main reason behind starting this site was to start teaching people how to make yourself have a wet dream. Most of us will have one at one point randomly (some will remember it better than others) but most people don’t have any actual control over it.

But why settle for it happening once in a blue moon?

You dream every night. This means you could potentially have a wet dream every single night if you wanted to (as many of our users do).

And that’s exactly what we teach here. Controlling your dreams. Turning them into a wet dream if you want and doing whatever you want in the dream realm with no limits where anything is possible.

If you haven’t already you should look at our free training course and software and learn to have a wet dream tonight…

There’s a lot of useless information out there on voluntarily having a wet dream which won’t work. If you don’t believe me you’re welcome to search around and try it.

The advice is usually something like “avoid sexual activity and sleep a lot” while other sites/forums will suggest the exact opposite where you have a lot of sexual activity and sleep as little as possible. I’m not telling you to do with your time but I will tell you doing this kind of thing is just leaving it to luck and won’t work. Especially not consistently.

But we teach you how to control your dreams properly. Not only does this mean you can have a say in when you have a wet dream but you also get the control the dream itself. What happens. What goes on. Who is involved. All of it.

how to make yourself have a wet dream

There’s no medication or requirements on your sex life. You just need to learn to control your dreams then you can make them about whatever you want. You’ve likely had this happen before (if you’re lucky you remember it) and usually (because we’re human) this results in sex.

Like any skill it’s something you can improve over time. You’ll get more control, dreams will seem more tangible and eventually you’ll be able to climax without waking up if you don’t want to. But this takes practice so don’t waste time with the daft advice about your sex life, just learn to properly control your dreams.

What is a Wet Dream?

Wet dreams can go by a lot of different names.

• Wet dream.
• Nocturnal emission.
• Sex dream
• Orgasm dream.
• Nightfall

The only thing rivaling the amount of names is the sheer amount of misconceptions surrounding them.

• Only guys get them (hah!)
• Only younger people get them (hah!)
• They’re a problem you need to do something about (hah!)
• They just happen you can’t control when (haha!)
• You can’t control who, what or where (hah, hah and hah!)

Whatever you want to call it they’re exactly the same thing and they’re completely normal. The science has been done. The studies are conclusive. Most of the population will have them and remember and a lot more of them will probably of had at least one and not remembered in the morning.

Can I Control a Wet Dream?

Chances are if you’ve found your way here wanting to learn what a wet dream is then you’ve either heard the name or you had one yourself by mistake.

what is a wet dream

A wet dream is basically a dream where you climax in your sleep. Normally you’ll wake up afterwards.

To begin with you might of noticed it just happen. You hadn’t intended it. Maybe you didn’t even know it was possible. It might have involved someone (or several people) you know or it could have been completely surreal. Maybe even a mix of the two.

But, yes, you can control a wet dream. You can learn to control when you have them and what actually happens within that dream.

In fact that’s exactly what we do here on the site. There’s a lot (and wow do I mean a lot) of misinformation surrounding wet dreams and I’m not just talking about the nonsense misconceptions about them.

People think you have to do crazy things just to get them like don’t have any sexual activity for a prolonged period of time and you can only have one once every x number of years.


If you can learn to control your dreams you can learn to have sex in them. And anyone can learn to do that. That’s exactly why this site started in fact – to teach people how to have wet dreams.

Is There a Cure for Wet Dreams?

I don’t understand it myself but I do get asked from time to time how to stop having wet dreams. In short there’s a few things you can do to reduce the chances (such as drinking coffee and avoiding stimulation before sleep) but it’s as natural as breathing and nothing you can really do to completely stop it from happening.

I mentioned this before physicians a long time ago didn’t know better and used to diagnose wet dreams and night emissions as something which needed to be treated with medication. They were later laughed at and the whole idea thrown out especially when it became evident just how much of the population was ‘afflicted’.

Personally I like being able to control my dreams but even if you have no interest in doing this yourself I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s natural , there’s nothing you need to do about it and at the end of the day not much you really can do.

Nocturnal Emissions in Adults is it Normal?

The number of times I’ve had a message through the site asking if it’s normal to have a nocturnal emission or wet dream as an adult is… well it’s surprising to say the least.

The standard email looks like:

Email #1: I’m 32 and I’ve just had a wet dream last night… is this normal?
My reply: Yes it’s perfectly normal. It can happen any time after puberty and might well happen again. Nothing to worry about.

Email #2: But my wife was sleeping right next to me it’s not like I don’t have sex!
My reply: Studies have shown people can have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) regardless of sexual activity. There’s a good chance your wife has had some sleeping next to you at some point whether she’s remembered it or not.

Email #3: But… but.. I’m really worried about the nocturnal emission causes…

Nocturnal Emissions in Adults

At this point I tend to stop reading.

As you get older your life gets busier and you tend to get worse at remembering your dreams. It’s a workable talent like learning to remember your house keys in the morning (I tend to be better at the former). This builds up the idea in many people’s minds that only younger people going through puberty are going to have a wet dream.

In fact it’s not true at all.

In fact this site is dedicated to training people how to have a wet dream (or nocturnal emission) by choice for people who want to control their dreams and have sex in them.

Studies have been done and the results are in folks. Nocturnal emissions are normal. It’s natural, it’s human and it can happen at any age to either gender. It is less likely you’ll remember your dreams or have as much control as you did when you were younger. But they’re still likely to happen even if you didn’t mean for it.

So yes. If you’re 20. 25. 35. In your mid 50’s. It doesn’t really matter. It’s normal, it’s human and if you enjoyed the experience you should consider learning to do it intentionally.

Any age can have them accidentally but you can learn how to have nocturnal emissions as an adult by learning to control your dreams. It’s a skill like any other but with a little practice you can control the situation and frequency of nocturnal emissions for yourself.

I can teach you how to induce wet dreams which means you can control the dream and do it whenever you’d like. Some of our students aim for a wet dream every night while others just want to be able to control the situation more when it does happen.

Not only is having a nocturnal emission (or wet dream… whatever you want to call it) as an adult normal but it’s going to happen regardless. If you want to learn to control them then you can be assured it’ll happen again. If you don’t – well then chances are it will at some point and you might remember it or you might not.

Wet Dream Causes

The cause of having a wet dream can be a number of things.

The first (and most obvious on this site) is the intentional reason. If you’re able to lucid dream and control your actions and situations in a dream then this is frequently used for sex. Dreaming itself is a normal function of the mind – as is thinking about sex. The two just go hand in hand.

The most common reason for a wet dream is because you either accidentally became lucid inside a dream and were able to make decisions yourself or you’ve been training yourself to do so which is what we do when we teach you how to have a wet dream.

If it wasn’t intentional then first of all – it’s perfectly normal. Statistics and studies have already told us a good chunk of the population have had a wet dream and a lot of us won’t even remember having it. It’s just your brain functioning normally and not a sign of anything specific.

Anecdotal evidence does suggest they’re likely to happen when you’ve not had sexual activity for an extended amount of time but then there’s plenty of other anecdotal evidence which suggests it happens far more often when you are being sexually active.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there as well like it’s only guys who have wet dreams. Newsflash (for half of the population at least) girls have wet dreams too. Or that it’s only people below the age of 18 or something who get them. When it comes to ages it’s more likely to start during puberty and the unintentional wet dreams are usually more frequent then but it can happen any time after puberty. Any age.

So in short the only reason you had a wet dream is because you’re human and the mind is doing what the mind does. There’s nothing behind it other than that.

Take a shower and, if you enjoyed the experience, I can show you how to control your dreams and you can do this whenever you want.

I’ve Never Had a Wet Dream

I’ve already gone over the statistics and studies of wet dreams and people tend to get bored and switch off when I talk about numbers too much. But rest assured I’ve had plenty of people tell me they’ve never had a wet dream.

I’ve also had people tell me they have pretty much nothing but wet dreams but that’s an entirely different thing.

Having a wet dream (whether you meant to or not) is entirely normal. As is not having one. A decent percentage of the population will have had one at least once in their lives. Some people are better at remembering their dreams better than others without practicing so there’s a chance you have actually had one and just… not noticed.

Without getting too crude about it nocturnal emissions are different for everyone and you might not of noticed this the next morning either.

But even if you really have never had a wet dream (I feel for you) that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to have a wet dream. It just means you have to practice a bit. Probably no more than anyone else does when they want to learn to do it on command.

Getting control of your dreams and making them lucid is the same process for everyone in that regard. Whether it’s happened before by mistake or not.

And no.

Just to pre-empt the thought.

Because, trust me, I’ve already heard it.

You’re not in some way different from the rest of humanity. You’re not incapable of having a wet dream and if you’ve been trying then I’m going to assume you’ve been trying… Well the wrong way. All of the useless information online about wet dreams is frankly laughable.

Prevent yourself having sex or think about nothing but sex before going to sleep.

It’s really not that complicated. If you want to have sex in your sleep then learn to control your dreams. That’s what we teach here because it’s the most reliable way to wet dream without leaving it to luck. And past experience really doesn’t change this.