Everything You Need to Know About Female Nocturnal Emission

Female Nocturnal Emission

You know – in the scheme of things it wasn’t too long ago I’d be stoned or burned for daring to suggest that women might actually enjoy sex.

I mean who would dare suggest such a thing.

And for a girl to actually have a sex dream and enjoy nocturnal emission?

Madness. Craziness.


Thankfully all that nonsense is behind us now.

We’ve evolved as a culture and women can tell us to go and screw ourselves (because they’re too busy getting laid in their dreams).


It’s a safe bet you know what nocturnal emission is. Another word for a wet dream. Having a sex dream so intense that you… well you sometimes wake up wet.

It used to be we’d go around telling the world that only young boys get them. If an adult had them they were told to think it was wrong and to hide it quick.

If a woman had one she was burned at the stake. Well maybe not but that’s apparently how we all thought.


I remember watching an interview where someone was asking women if they’ve ever had a wet dream or nocturnal emission.

They all denied it.

Because they thought they were supposed to.


Then, after they were told it was normal and most females have them, they all admitted to having them. I mean statistically most of us will have one at least once. Usually more.


Imagine having any kind of sex you want. In a world where there are no limits. No judgement. A world you can change as you want.

… This is why we teach how to have wet dreams whenever you want.

nocturnal emission in adults

Sometimes you might have nocturnal emissions without noticing it.

It’s actually more common you might sleep through it when you’re a women. Studies have shown you’re more likely to have a lucid sex dreams but it might not be as apparent the next morning for obvious reasons. If you think you’ve honestly never had one chances are you just can’t remember.

So that’s what we teach.

How to control your dreams, whenever you want. And how to improve your dream recall.

To give you experiences you’d never have otherwise let’s be honest.

You can click here to take a look for yourself.


If you’d rather go back to the stone age and deny the whole thing that’s fine too. We’re not buying it when you tell us women don’t have sex dreams any more though.

Trust me I can see the numbers. More people are catching on.

And more people are learning to do it whenever they want.

Many people like to explore their sexuality through their dreams but somehow people seem to think females are exempt from wet dreams and nocturnal emissions. In today’s society, lucid erotic dreaming is included among the hottest trends. And while outdated practices teaches us it’s only men who can use it for sexual reasons – in reality nothing is further from the truth.

We’ve talked about the studies done before on sex dreams and nocturnal emissions. There have specifically been studies on female sex dreams and women of all ages have them. Some will have them more often and at different ages.

There’s a number of contributing factors from sexual activity and experience to current age. Regardless you could have had one last night and it wouldn’t be abnormal and you can also train yourself to have them whenever you want.

One of the main methods of promoting lucid dreaming is binaural beats. A type of music made to work with your brain at a certain frequency. And women are even shown to be more effected by this. So you lay in your bed, close your eyes and start your binaural beat. Focus your mind’s eye on entering the dream of the one you wish to seduce. As a friend of theirs, you may have something of his/hers like an article of clothing that retains a scent or feel that could help you attune yourself. Relax and allow the binaural beat to take effect.

When you enter the correct frequency dream state, envision yourself travelling to the room where the girl or boy friend you wish to seduce sleeps. Then allow your dreaming consciousness to merge in. You’ll find it happens easily and naturally. Then put your best foot forward – BUT – you don’t have to find yourself constrained like you would be in real society. It is your dream after all and almost anything can and does happen in dreams.

It is most possible to learn to lucid dream if your sole intention is to experience a deep form of intimacy with the person whom you ultimately fantasize about. Sex may happen in your dreams, but it will feel so real. Whatever you feel while dreaming are as real as the feelings you have experienced in the real world. This is because all sensations you have felt while living in the real world will serve as memories you will draw from when you lucid dream.

Real Dream Orgasms.

Dreaming about sex can give you real orgasms too. In fact, it was even documented that dream orgasms are like real-like climaxes that happen with muscular responses, fast rate of heart beat and change in the vascular tissues. Studies have been done and both men and women of any age can have a nocturnal emission or wet dream.

Unsurprisingly studies have shown women experience stronger orgasms than men while sleeping as well.

Erotically Charged Dreams.

REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep is very much biological in nature. Many things happen and occur while a person is in REM sleep; including sensual bodily changes and reactions. Men may have erections while women may have engorgement of their private areas. Such are all normal during sleep and dreams. In lucid dreaming, you are consciously aware of the arousal your body experienced physiologically. The same reactions can also be experienced when you lucid dream about flying.

We do have the main training on having wet dreams and mastering nocturnal emissions on command but here’s a few things you can do to start yourself of with.

What You Can Do To Have Sex Dreams.

Fantasize. Before you go to sleep, you need to fantasize about the person you really like. You are most likely to have one or two fantasies that you are not able to realize or even share with other people. Such fantasies are ideal to be used when you want to dream of sex.

Watch An Adult Movie. Another way that can condition your mind for a sex charged dream is by watching an adult film before you sleep. If fantasizing seems a bit difficult, then you can always play some titillating films on your DVD player. Make sure you can clearly hear the moaning sounds made in the movie as these will serve as subliminal messages for triggering your mind to dream about intercourse.

Meditate. When you meditate, you need to ease your mind from any worries and anxieties. The mind should be focused only on having intercourse. Only fantasies should fill up your thoughts; such as your past intimate experiences and also the best bed experience you had.

If you’ve never tried meditating before this might be harder than you originally thought. That said, achieving nocturnal emission on demand and having maybe the best sex of your life could make it more than worthwhile.

Pleasure Yourself Prior To Sleep.

Right after you have watched an adult film, you feel probably in a hot mood to touch yourself. Opinions vary on this and while some suggest it will improve your chances of a sexual lucid dream a lot of experience suggests otherwise. I don’t think it really matters. If you’ve trained yourself properly then achieving female nocturnal emission is possible either way.

Nocturnal Emissions in Adults is it Normal?

The number of times I’ve had a message through the site asking if it’s normal to have a nocturnal emission or wet dream as an adult is… well it’s surprising to say the least.

The standard email looks like:

Email #1: I’m 32 and I’ve just had a wet dream last night… is this normal?
My reply: Yes it’s perfectly normal. It can happen any time after puberty and might well happen again. Nothing to worry about.

Email #2: But my wife was sleeping right next to me it’s not like I don’t have sex!
My reply: Studies have shown people can have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) regardless of sexual activity. There’s a good chance your wife has had some sleeping next to you at some point whether she’s remembered it or not.

Email #3: But… but.. I’m really worried about the nocturnal emission causes…

Nocturnal Emissions in Adults

At this point I tend to stop reading.

As you get older your life gets busier and you tend to get worse at remembering your dreams. It’s a workable talent like learning to remember your house keys in the morning (I tend to be better at the former). This builds up the idea in many people’s minds that only younger people going through puberty are going to have a wet dream.

In fact it’s not true at all.

In fact this site is dedicated to training people how to have a wet dream (or nocturnal emission) by choice for people who want to control their dreams and have sex in them.

Studies have been done and the results are in folks. Nocturnal emissions are normal. It’s natural, it’s human and it can happen at any age to either gender. It is less likely you’ll remember your dreams or have as much control as you did when you were younger. But they’re still likely to happen even if you didn’t mean for it.

So yes. If you’re 20. 25. 35. In your mid 50’s. It doesn’t really matter. It’s normal, it’s human and if you enjoyed the experience you should consider learning to do it intentionally.

Any age can have them accidentally but you can learn how to have nocturnal emissions as an adult by learning to control your dreams. It’s a skill like any other but with a little practice you can control the situation and frequency of nocturnal emissions for yourself.

I can teach you how to induce wet dreams which means you can control the dream and do it whenever you’d like. Some of our students aim for a wet dream every night while others just want to be able to control the situation more when it does happen.

Not only is having a nocturnal emission (or wet dream… whatever you want to call it) as an adult normal but it’s going to happen regardless. If you want to learn to control them then you can be assured it’ll happen again. If you don’t – well then chances are it will at some point and you might remember it or you might not.