How to Have a Wet Dream Whenever You Want

How to Have a Wet Dream Whenever You Want

I can show you how to control your dreams completely. Have amazing sex whenever you want, with whoever you want and pretty much do whatever you want. I can introduce you to an entire reality where anything is possible. I can help you get a *good* nights sleep and learn to have a wet lucid sex dream whenever you want.


Imagine being able to have any kind of dream you want with people you know in real life or even someone (or a group of people) entirely made up. On demand.

Imagine being able to control everything. Do whatever you want. And for it to seem completely real.



First of all lets get a few things out of the way. There are far too many misconceptions about wet dreams and lucid dreaming.

• Misconception 1) Only Guys Can Have Wet Dreams

I’ve no idea where people get this idea. Certainly not reality. It might be more obvious when a guy has a wet dream but they’re certainly not alone.

• Misconception 2) Wet Dreams Just Randomly Happen

While most of us will have had a wet dream at least once without meaning it it’s certainly not ‘just random’. It’s easy to learn to control the dream and when to have them.

• Misconception 3) Wet Dreams are Better Than Sex

I still hear this one from members of the Facebook group who learned with our old guide and have been doing it for years. Maybe it’s a personal preference but I don’t see it myself. While you can have sex with the person of your dreams (or persons… Or 10 headed dragons for that matter) and even achieve an orgasm it’s not completely the same thing. Don’t get me wrong it is awesome but I don’t know if I’d agree it is better.

So anyone can have a wet dream and they don’t have to be random. You can control the dream itself and you can control when you have them.

We do this with a process called lucid dreaming. It’s a skill you can learn (though we do take some short cuts when our goal is to have wet dreams on demand). Think of it like learning to ride a bike.

how to have a wet dream

… If you wanted to have sex with your bike and all of its bike friends.

But before we get into that (the wet dreaming stuff not the bike thing… You know what I mean). I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Craig (yes, that’s my stunning photo on the site) and a few years ago I read a story in the paper. The Dutch psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden was talking about controlling dreams and using that to study for exams.

Take a break from my story for a moment and imagine being able to control your dreams.

Imagine your wildest dreams. Can you remember having those dreams where you hated the fact you woke up and that something specific didn’t happen? Most of us can remember that feeling even if we can’t remember the dream itself.

If you remember that feeling you might know how I felt. Control my dreams?

Do whatever I like in my dreams?

A dream can feel as tangible and real as real life. A way to fulfill my fantasies every single night?

Hell yeah I was down for that.

I’ll admit my first thought was about having the most vivid sexual dreams about girls I knew and not quite about studying for exams in my sleep (which is what the newspaper article was about) so I got stuck right in.

And do you want to know how my first night was? Amazing sex in my sleep with anyone I wanted?

Not quite.

All of the advice online (you might of seen it before finding your way here) was rubbish. The basic idea was “don’t have sex, but thing about sex before you go asleep”.

And no. Of course this didn’t work. You have no control over your sleep that way. I mean I can see the logic and why I might of believed that’s how to do it but it’s just not how it works.

It didn’t work for me the first night.

Or the next.

In fact for most of that week I went to sleep trying my hardest and nothing happened.

I gave up. The idea of having absolute freedom and sex dreams whenever I wanted? Yeah that was a pipe dream anyway.

And then, completely out of nowhere, I stumbled across a video and I remember the first few words I heard “the dream reality where everything is possible and there is NO LIMITS”

The video started talking about all these mentions of sex dreams on secret sights and this one really caught my eye.

nocturnal emission dream
This got me thinking.

Yeah I was back in.

Detailed studies suggest 8% of normal everyday dreams involve sex. Around 4% involve an orgasm or “nocturnal emissions”. Turns out if you learn to do it properly this can be closer to 100%

Once I looked into it I saw that places like CBS, CNN and paths BBC news had also recently covered lucid dreaming. Scientific studies had even proven people were having orgasms in their sleep.

Maybe there really was something to it.

This time I learned how to do it properly. Within the first few days I had the most amazing dream about… Well that’s just for me to know.

But it’s an amazing ability to be able to do that whenever I want and that I can tell you about. And rather than go through all the crap I went through you can jump the gun a bit. I put together some (entirely free) training course and a programmer friend of mine helped me make some software. The goal is to get people having a wet dream in the first day (none of this months of trying and randomly hoping rubbish).

If you really want to learn to get the freedom I have? Well let’s start with the short cut I suggest which gets you started faster. A “dream character” okay that name could really use some work but trust me it works.

Then click here to learn Penny my “dream character” wakes me up in dreams…

I spent a lot of time learning about wet dreams and lucid dreaming. I kinda hated the idea I was wasting all that time asleep when I could be doing something with it.

Whatever you want to call it. Wet dreams. Nocturnal emission. Sex dream. It’s all the same thing and there’s nothing like it.

Complete control – with basically anyone. Or anything for that matter.

The videos I learned from (which I’ll show you) had it right when they said there was no limits in that dream reality.

I understand why so many people want to learn how to do it. People go to strange lengths to have wet dreams more often and they seem to think that giving up on sex or doing this “no fap” thing is the way to get there.

The truth is you just need to learn to control your dreams.

Once you control your dream you can make it a wet dream or pretty much whatever you want.

how to have wet dreams tonight